An Executive turned transformational catalyst, uncovering better ways of coaching for agile transformation by doing it and helping others do it in six simple process flow.


The coaching process begins with understanding and envisioning how the workflows in the team or the organization. It helps in enhanced understanding of the present existing conditions and pattern.


In this phase, Preeth delivers various training based on the transformation plan and equips the teams with the identified roles and the leadership to get started on the transformation voyage.


With the team now equipped to start the journey, Preeth dons the role of a mentor to help the team implement their learning. Though Preeth gives advice, tips and shares his learnings, he remains mindful of the need for the teams and leadership to come to their own realization to be truly empowered to take themselves through the journey on their own.


Preeth holds the safe space for the teams to explore, push themselves and he encourages them to learn from the mistakes. Preeth holds a mirror to the teams and leadership to help them improve and to reaffirm the culture of inspecting and adapting.


Preeth works with identified internal change agents, equipping them to sustain the momentum built thus far. He also helps setup Community of Practices for practioners performing various role in the agile organizations to connect and learn from each other.



Preeth possesses 20 years of experience of which 10 years had key focus in leadership spearheading firms with multi-Billion Dollars cumulative turnover, and coaching teams in Agile transformations. He believes that only by bringing about a culture change by focusing on the values will ensure the change in the organizational practices will become a sustainable habit.

Preeth holds an enviable record of conducting over 10,000 hours of industry-specific training and coaching. Influenced by the Agile Manifesto, Preeth has distilled his learnings from his failures and success, and experiences and understandings of business, to create a coaching manifesto that he uses to bring powerful, positive and transformational change.