Preeth Pandalay

Preeth Pandalay

Preeth is a Pragmatic Business Transformation Consultant and a Leadership Coach. He has an executive leadership background and hands-on experience of organizational transitions from a traditional way of value delivery to one that’s aligned with Agile and Lean.

Preeth has always been a passionate learner and has experienced a agile transitions from both sides of the table. He had been a part of the teams which piloted the transitions, as well as a leader responsible for multiple team transitions. He is not amongst those who only know the learning part; in fact, he is amongst those who believe in utilizing all their learnings and experiences to help others to make the right moves towards success. He therefore, NOW, helps organizations succeed.

Preeth Pandalay is pragmatic, empathetic and non-judgmental, nwhich makes it easy for people to associate and connect with him. His interest in the systemic study of organizational culture, coupled with his 20 years of learning from the IT industry has helped him develop a cognitive-based transformation framework based on NLP and professional coaching.

He is a Certified NLP Coach, Professional Scrum Trainer (from, SAFe Program Consultant (, and ICAgile Accredited Trainer. Besides being an Agile Coach, Preeth is an avid reader, loves to travel, networking with new people and learning about their behaviour (He is always on the Job).

Preeth’s approach is to kindle new thinking, insights and helps individuals and organizations create a structure and process which critically reflects and evaluates ‘What-ifs” to create an environment of continuous learning and continuous improvement.

If improving your top line with   Product Innovation and reducing the bottom line with Process Improvements are your challenges, Preeth is here to help you and your business thrive in this VUCA world.