Confessions Of An Agile Leader – Everything I Learnt From My Journey – The Hurdles

Working with remotely-located Agile teams across the globe is no easy street!

I was advised by the consultants on board about the importance of communication when the teams are going through change. They even encouraged over-communicating during the flux stages and that is exactly what I was doing.

I was communicating but the teams were still disengaged and we weren’t really getting any better. I struggled with this problem till one disgruntled team member walked into my office and called me a hypocrite. He said I need to be a transceiver and not just a transmitter if I want to succeed with transformation. That’s when it dawned on me that I wasn’t treating communication the way it was meant to be –  a two-way street. I was so obsessed with telling people what they need to do that I completely missed about asking them what they want to be able to deliver what’s expected of them.

Considering myself above and beyond transformation was another mistake that I committed. The entire transformation journey emphasized only on the team. The teams didn’t find any congruence in what was being asked of them and what was being displayed by the management teams. This created a huge disconnect with the teams and gave teeth to the folks who never bought into the transformation idea itself.

Confessions are such a relief!

Since I had my Agile confession box wide open today, my hope is in future, I won’t be having a confused Agile team that looks at scrum somewhat like below-

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