Confessions Of An Agile Leader – Everything I Learnt From My Journey – The Introduction

There are a few chapters in the career of an Agile leader that he isn’t ready to read out loud. In my experience, that does no good to the teams he is leading. The problems grow bigger and his teams suffer endlessly. 

And this is what it eventually leads to-


I surely cannot afford that. So here’s my story today.

A few years ago, there came a day when the organization I was employed with decided to embrace Agile in order to cater to the customers’ requirements of-

  1. Early delivery
  2. Improved quality

As an organization, we had embraced customer satisfaction as our goal and our highest-paying customers always had a say in what was getting built into the product. However, they were losing out on their competitive edge because of the 12- 15 months release cycle. 

Agile emerged as the solution for this predicament.

It made sense for the new product development teams to pilot the Agile transformation and so it was my team that would kick-start the transformation with me in charge. I did come with experience in software development in a near-XP kind of an environment before. 

Armed with prior experience, a situation that mandated Agile, senior management backing and with teams that were eager to try out a new way of software development looked like the perfect condition for transformation and thus started our journey.